Yes, it is possible to indulge in a treat once in awhile and still live a healthFUL life. In fact, I think recognizing when it’s ok to indulge and what to indulge in is crucial to a healthFUL life. The trick is to make sure the food you choose to indulge in is something that is absolutely worth it to you. That something for me are cupcakes, but they can not be just any cupcakes. If I’m going to enjoy this delectable treat I’m going to make sure it is one of the best. To me indulging in anything else just wouldn’t be worth it. Also, I want it to be part of a bigger memory. For example, last night we were celebrating my friend’s engagement, and after dinner we all shared these beautiful gourmet cupcakes. I was truly able to enjoy this treat, not only due to it’s beautiful presentation and amazing flavors, but the memory that was made with it as well.

What are your guidelines for indulging in a food and what food(s) do you choose?


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