Pesky Cravings

Have you ever had a craving that you just can’t shake? Well that happened to me recently, and the culprit was the wonderfully toasty, salty, smokey flavor of the BLT sandwich. Growing up this was one of my FAVORITE meals. In fact, it was my birthday dinner for about 5 years in a row. Although I love this sandwich, over the years I lost my lust for the treat; that is until a few days ago. Although I think healthy eating should be a top priority, I also think when you’re craving something for more than a few days, it would almost be counterproductive to not eat it. I say this because I have heard of many cases (including my own) where people decide to eat something else in place of the treat they may be craving, thinking it may be more healthy, but then they eat double or triple what they should. With that being said, just because you’re craving a treat doesn’t mean you can’t still be healthFUL about it. Exhibit A: my BLT. Instead of the traditional bacon and mayo, I opted for 3 strips of turkey bacon (only 30 calories each) and a tablespoon of lite mayo. To top it all off, I put it all on whole wheat bread. Long story short (kinda), I was able to satisfy my craving, while still making a healthFUL meal.