Getting Help

So I’ve been receiving some messages recently from individuals who are struggling with their weight. Whether it be you eat too much or too little, having an unhealthy relationship with food can be very hard to overcome. Of course as an RD I can provide anyone information on what is healthy in terms of food for their height, weight, age, activity level, ect. However, I am not qualified to help individuals with any kind of eating disorder at this point in my career. In the case where you may be struggling with a disorder, it is always better to talk to a physiologist or psychiatrist, as this type of struggle goes beyond just food. Additionally, there are some RDs who have a disordered eating credential who would be more equipped to help anyone who is dealing with food and body image challenges. You can find an RD who specializes in disordered eating by visiting:

What I’m qualified to tell you is what a good goal weight may be for your height. Based on Hamwi’s ideal body weight formula, a woman’s ideal body weight is 100 lbs for their first 5 feet of height, and then you add 5 lbs for each inch over 5 foot (ie: if you’re a 5’3 female, your ideal body weight is 115 lbs). For men, the ideal body weight is 106 lbs for the first 5 feet, and 6 lbs every inch over 5 foot. Of course this is just a guideline and should not be thought of as law….it does depend on your body type and any other conditions you may have; however, being under or over your suggested ideal body weight can result in some serious health challenges.

Another aspect of eating I can help with is the promotion of a healthy diet made up mostly of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean meats. To see what your specific intake guidelines are visit

Again, whether you struggle with eating too much or too little, it is something that should be addressed with a combination of health care professionals. Also, know that you’re not alone if you find you are struggling, and know that there are people here to help you get to a more healthFUL life!!