Summer Meal Idea

Last night I decided to make a dinner utilizing some ingredients we had around the house that were nearing their last leg. What resulted was basically a fish taco without the taco. This dish was made up of grilled tilapia, avocado relish, grilled squash and zucchini and brown rice. I seasoned the tilapia with fresh lime and lemon juice, olive oil, rice vinegar and a dash of salt and pepper. The avocado relish had a similar dressing (minus the oil, vinegar and salt).

This meal was somewhat of an experiment, as I have never prepared these items all together, but fortunately, it turned out to be a flavor packed hit! Another bonus, it was full of many healthful nutrients. Specifically, the avocado relish was packed with healthy fats from the avocado, as well as the phytochemical lycopene from the fresh tomatoes (research suggests lycopene can help prevent cancer).

With all of the great flavors in this relish, I think it would also go great with omelets, tortillas and shrimp! Below you will find the recipe so you can try this relish in one of your meals this week!


Avocado Relish


1 ripe avocado, cubed

2 large tomatoes, chopped

1/2 small onion, chopped

4 stalks celery, chopped

2 ears of fresh corn, corn removed from cob

1 T fresh cilantro, chopped

Juice from 2 fresh limes

Juice from 1 fresh lemon

Dash of pepper


Combine all ingredients into large bowl. Let sit in refrigerator for 30 minutes- 1 hour in order to let all of the flavors percolate.



Easy to Make Guacamole

No need to buy the packaged guacamole from the grocery store anymore! While guacamole has some healthful qualities, when it’s pre-packaged, it’s often packed with added calories and fat, which takes away from the healthfulness. So next time you’re craving this tasty treat, try this recipe; it’s easy, quick and loaded with healthy fats. Enjoy!


1 ripe avocado

Juice from one lime

2 cloves of garlic

2 tsp fresh cilantro

Dash of salt and pepper


Scoop out avocado into food processor and add juice from one lime.

Add 2 cloves of garlic and 2 tsp of fresh cilantro to the avocado.


Add a dash of salt and pepper. Blend mixture in food processor until desired consistency.

Yields 1 cup of guacamole.

This recipe is great served as a dip with carrots and cucumbers as well as a topping on tacos, burritos and salad!

HealthFUL Dinner Idea

Although Mexican food has gotten a bad rep in terms of healthfulness, it is possible to have Mexican and still be healthful. Another bonus- it makes for an easy and affordable dinner for the family! Below is a picture of the dinner I prepared for my family the other night. All that was required:

20 oz Package ground turkey (lean ground beef would also work)

1/2 Chopped onion

1 Packet taco seasoning

1 Cup shredded light cheddar cheese

1 Cup low-fat sour cream

1 Cup salsa

1 Cup shredded lettuce

4 Whole grain tortillas or taco shells

Yield= 6 burritos

Brown the meat along with chopped onion. Add taco seasoning. Assemble the burrito or taco as desired and enjoy!

**Use this opportunity to increase your veggie intake! Include chopped bell peppers and/or carrots on the side for people to add to their dish. Another idea, use tortilla chips and make a taco salad!