Cool Snacks for Summer 

Try these easy, low-calorie snacks this summer to help cool off! They’re also great to serve at your next get-together.

Cool Recipes.


‘Tis the Season

As Summer continues you may be noticing more and more delicious produce becoming available (and going on sale!) in your local grocery store. Also, during this time of year you may see more farmers markets opening up, which sell fresh, local produce. Take advantage of this!! Eating local, in season produce is not only delicious, but it is also healthful due to the reduced travel time of the food, making it more likely to have its full potential of vitamins and minerals. Another plus- the food tastes better! Listed below are some healthful foods that will be coming into season during the summer months. Try to incorporate these and other fresh produce into your diet regularly to maintain a healthFUL life.



Swish chard (great sauteed with a little olive oil)




Stay Hydrated!

With summer in full swing I thought it would be a good time to talk about staying hydrated. During these hot days it’s imperative you drink plenty of water throughout your day! How much you ask? Well, although the typical recommendation is 8 cups/day, this can change due to environment, age, gender, activity level, and medications. Below is a formula you can use to guide you, but keep in mind, everyone is different, and if you’re thirsty, make sure you drink up!

START: 11 cups
IF YOU’RE A MAN: Add 4.5 cups
IF PREGNANT: Add 1.25 cup
Sickness, heat and other factors also can increase the amount of fluids you need. All sources can contribute to total water needs: beverages (including tea, coffee) and moisture found in foods (watermelon, celery). Moisture in food accounts for about 20 percent of total water intake.

**Follow your thirst and drink at meals

Sources: Institute of Medicine, Mayo Clinic,

Summer Slip-Ups 

Summer is typically thought of as one of the best times of the year. The weather is beautiful, allowing for time at the beach, cooking out in the backyard, and outdoor parties. However, with all of this comes many opportunities to make bad choices, especially when it comes to your nutrition. The number one temptation- overeating. Cook-outs and parties are often packed with many non-healthful food items (alcohol, potato salad, baked goods, ice cream, etc), and it can be very hard to pass these foods up. However, one of the most important things to remember in living a healthFUL life is portion size. If you can’t pass up that cookie, split it with someone. Also, if you know you’re going to a party later in the day that will be packed with high calorie and fat foods, make sure to eat something small with some protein beforehand in order to avoid over eating once you’re there (low-fat yogurt, handful of almonds). Lastly, if you’re able, bring your own healthFUL dish to the party. That way you’re sure to find something good to eat. Visit the Diet and Nutrition Magazine website,, for some great healthFUL recipe ideas to bring to your next party!